20th April 2020



Phase 3 of FZCC and French Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Population during the COVID 19 crisis
The first phase focused on joint donation of PPE’s against Covid 19 from French Companies operating in Zambia, and the second one from French and Zambian members of the FZCC.
This final phase aims to reach out to companies operating from France and willing to invest in Zambia, organizations and individuals interested in supporting the Zambian economy and population, as part of the post COVID-19 strategy and reconstruction of businesses. 

Contrary to the situation in Europe or in Asia, the peak  of the crisis in Africa might only be reached by September. Therefore, all the actors of the donation campaign have to continue with their effort and support.
A conference in Lusaka, 27-28 October 2020
The French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC), with the support of the Embassy of France and the Ministry of Energy in Zambia, will organize a two-day conference on renewable energies, at the end of October 2020. The diversification into the energy sector has become a major economic and environmental stake for the country. No such conference has taken place since 2016.

Objectives: Assess the potential of the renewable energy sector in Zambia and its prospects.Highlight the know-how of French companies involved in local renewable energy projects.Give visibility to the companies sponsoring the event through media coverage and social media.Allow the private sector and public stakeholders to meet, exchange views and debate on thematic subjects.Promote interactions between the French businesses and their Zambian counterparts.Hold exhibition stands to show case the work of French and Zambian companies involved in the energy sector.If you wish to become a sponsor, do not hesitate to contact us.0967 210 803

0966 792 671

To check out the sponsorship packages, please click on the link below

Renewable Energy Conference Resource Mobilization


Phase 2 of the French Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) and French Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Population during the COVID 19 crisis

On June 9th, at the French Residence took place the second phase of the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) & French Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Population during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This campaign aims to: 
highlight the initiatives and contributions by FZCC members to the Zambian population 
help members of FZCC to continue running their business and contribute to Zambians conserving jobs during the crisis through support to communities 
encourage all companies to be proactive during the present Covid-19 pandemic while respecting the safety guidelines from the French and Zambian government

Before the donation started, BUREAU VERITAS Zambia made a short presentation on “how to resume your business safely”.

The joint donation of the day included facial masks, hand sanitizers and operated hand wash stations, and was made by French and Zambian corporate members of the FZCC: 
BOLLORE Transport & Logistics Zambia, SARO AGRO Industrial, AFRICA GREENCO and ZAMASTONE Quarries & Aggregates, for a total value of K 106,700. 

Beneficiaries included communities within and outside Lusaka (Kamwala, Maloni, Isoka) and Customs officials.

Donations recently made by other FZCC members across the country were also mentioned: 
FNB Zambia (on May 15th), SWAN Insurance (on May 27th), LAFARGE Zambia (on June 1st) and Copperbelt Energy Corporation. 

Special thanks to Dr. Caleb Fundanga, ex Governor of the Bank of Zambia, who honored us of his presence, and Mr. Mukuli Chikuba, Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Finance. 

In his speech, Mr. Olivier Terra, Managing Director of Bollore Transport & Logistics Zambia, said : « Customs officials {…} are on the front lines of this virus. They are the ones that are exposed 24/7 to thousands of transporters arriving at the borders daily. In spite of the best paperless environment, they are still the ones who facilitate border crossings through physical interactions with truck and drivers. 

Social distancing lunch with FZCC members at the French Residence

On June 9th, a lunch with “social distancing” took place in the gardens of the French Residence, hosted by H.E. Sylvain Berger, where Corporate members of the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) were invited to exchange on the preparation of the Renewable Energy Conference (scheduled for 27-28 October 2020) and other FZCC upcoming activities. 

Representatives from the following companies were attending: CMA-CGM, AGS, FNB Zambia, ENGIE Power Corner, SARO AGRO Industrial, BUREAU VERITAS, NEOEN, and LAFARGE Zambia. 
Dr Caleb Fundanga, ex-Governor of the Bank of Zambia also honored us of his presence. 

Special thanks to all.

Launch of FZCC and French Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Population during the COVID 19 crisis

On May 12th, at the French Residence took place a press conference to launch the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce & French Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Population during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first action of the campaign was a press conference to present the joint donation made by the French corporates to Zambian communities located within and outside Lusaka.

French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce and the French Embassy mobilizes 48, 820 USD in Donations of masks, hand sanitizers and medical supplies donations from French Companies in Zambia; CFAO Group, NEOEN, ENGIE Power Corner, CMA CGM, BUREAU VERITAS, AGS, RAZEL-BEC and LAFARGE.

Breakfast working session with the Provincial Minister of Luapula, March 18

On March 18th, the FZCC had the pleasure with H.E. Sylvain Berger to welcome Hon. Nickson Chilangwa, Luapula Province Minister, accompanied by his delegation (Permanent Secretary Felix Phiri, Investments Coordinator Joseph Simenda, a representative of ZDA, …).   

Around the table were some Corporate and SME representatives, who accepted the invitation to come and share views with the Minister: LAFARGE, RAZEL BEC, TOTAL, CFAO, AGS, CMA CGM, ENGIE, Supamoto. 

Hon. N. Chilangwa made a detailed and documented presentation on the Luapula Province, demonstrating its attractiveness for potential French investors, particularly in the sectors of agriculture & livestock, aquaculture & fisheries, forestry, mining, energy, transport & infrastructure, construction, tourism.

This was followed by a Q & A session and an open discussion among the attendees.

Breakfast working session on the Renewable Energy Conference, March 11

Prior to our Conference scheduled for end of May (26-27th), H.E. Sylvain Berger and the FZCC had a working session on March 11th at the Residence, with representatives of French and Zambian companies involved in renewable energy. All willing to support the event and actively participate: TOTAL, NEOEN, VIVO ENERGY, COPPERBELT ENERGY CORPORATION and EMERGING COOKING SOLUTIONS. 

LAFARGE, RAZEL BEC, ENGIE POWER CORNER & AFRICA GREENCO have also expressed their interest to sponsor the event, but could not attend the briefing.

The objective was to present the concept of this 2-day conference/seminar, give more details about the agenda and the organization in order to get feedback from prospective sponsors. 

These last few weeks, the FZCC and the Ambassador already had preparatory meetings with the Ministry of Energy. The executive team has also started to work with some of the sponsors, individually, to develop thematic discussions and contents.

Presentation of Africa – France 2020 Summit, February 18

On February 18, H.E Sylvain Berger invited members of the FZCC, French and Zambian businessmen at his Residence to attend a presentation on the “Africa-France 2020 Summit for Sustainable Cities”. This important event, scheduled in Bordeaux from June 4 to 6, should bring together African Heads of States and entrepreneurs from all over the continent around the theme: “Better cities for a better life”.

Mr. Thomas Curelli, Senior Trade Advisor for Business France in South Africa, came from Johannesburg to make the presentation which was followed by a Q & A session. This allowed the public to better understand the challenges ahead for African megalopolises.

Business Networking Cocktail, February 4

The French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) held its first networking cocktail of the year at the French Residence, on February 4th. Most of FZCC Members attended. This was the occasion for Mr.  Alexandre DEGRE, FZCC Executive Director, to thank everyone for their continuous support throughout 2019, and to announce some of the events scheduled for the following months in 2020:

  • February: presentation of the Africa-France 2020 Summit organized by H.E. Sylvain Berger, Ambassador of France with French and Zambian decision-makers.
  • March: breakfast-working session with the Minister of Luapula Province, Hon. Nickson Chilangwa, to motivate French companies to settle and invest more in Luapula.
  • Training sessions to be held at the request of the FZCC members, on the newly implemented “Employment Act” and on “Customer Service delivery” (organized by  FZCC consultants : Dr Sokuni and Mr. Newlove).
  • April: “Gout de France” dinner, to celebrate the French gastronomy.   
  • May: a 2-day conference on Renewable Energies in Zambia, involving both French and local companies and the main stakeholders of the energy sector. Such a conference has not been done since 2016. 

Beaujolais Nouveau 2019

The Beaujolais Nouveau 2019 celebrations took place in the beautiful gardens of the French Residence on 21 November 2019.

Sponsored by 16 French affiliated companies, the event brought a burst of art and flavours which granted guests the opportunity to enjoy the Beaujolais wine and authentic French gastronomy.

Special thanks goes out to H.E Sylvain Berger for hosting this event at his residence, and our sponsors Total ZambiaLafarge Cement ZambiaBollore Logistics -ZambiaEngie Powercorner ZambiaRazel BecVivo Energy ZambiaInterContinental LusakaParmalatCMA CGMAGS Worldwide MoversNewrestJCDecauxBureau Veritas ZambiaOrca Deco ZambiaCFAO Zambia Limited and Zamastone Quarries for making this event possible.

We partnered with various suppliers including Rooney’s Hire Zambia, for our event infrastructure supplies, InterContinental Lusaka for the catering services, Le Petit Paris for the bread, Aux Gear for the LED screens and lights, and Dinaledi Expressions for the PA system and live music.

Last but not least, thank you to all 850 of our guests who attended and made this event even bigger than it was last year.