Launching of Final Phase of the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce (FZCC) & French Embassy Campaign to support Zambian Economy and Population during the COVID 19 Crisis- October 30th, 2020

Having spent US$12.2 billion as of 2019, France ranks 5th out of 193 countries when it comes to official development assistance (ODA). When it comes to assistance some of France’s core areas of support are education, gender equality, and global health.

When it comes to global health, France has been a leader in the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It is this proven track record that positions France as an ideal partner for Zambia as it responds to this Global Health pandemic.

Earlier this year, the French-Zambian Chamber of Commerce and the French Embassy in Zambia launched a joint campaign against COVID-19, aimed at empowering Zambian people by making information available, mobilizing local communities through strategic partnerships and facilitating the donation of essential COVID-19 related health supplies for vulnerable segments of the population.

The first phase of the campaign resulted in donations of PPEs by French corporates operating in Zambia (a ceremony took place at the French Residence on May 12th).

The second phase gathered donations from FZCC members, both French and Zambian companies (a ceremony took place at the French Residence on June 9th)
The FZCC values the support received from its members. Without this support it would not have been able to successfully complete phases 1 and 2.

On October 30th was launched the 3rd and final phase of the campaign at the FZCC offices, in Woodlands.

The objective is to expand the reach by going international.
In order to attract donations both locally here in Zambia and from France (the Zambian diaspora and associations are being involved), the FZCC is closely collaborating with the Zambian Embassy in France.

The Zambian Ambassador to France, H.E. Dr. Kaseba Sata honored us with her presence and officially launched the final phase of the campaign, along with H.E. Sylvain Berger – outgoing French Ambassador to Zambia.

Our guests of honor were:

Mrs. Kapumpe Chola Kaunda (Head Corporate & Investment Banking – FNB), Mr. Ernest Mfula (Head Retail & Digital – TOTAL), Ms. Imanga Kayama  (Managing Director – MANIC CREATIVES).
Dr. Chibwe Chisala (First Secretary, Zambian Embassy in Paris) Mrs. Judith Mwila (Families Are Nations) and Ms. Hannah (Lightfoot Zambia) were also attending, with the public and journalists.

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