Beaujolais Nouveau 2019

The BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU is a ‘’primeur
wine’’ or ‘’new wine’’ from a specific variety of
grape called the Gamay grape in the region of
Burgundy in France, where only 72 villages
and 11 000 hectares are entrusted with the
production of this French regional tradition in
The ‘’harvest- feast’’ tradition of the Beaujolais
Nouveau is a much anticipated event each
year. The taste and colour notes of the wine
are also an early indicator for the quality of
the harvest for more robust red wines across
the region.
Generally very low in tannins, and produced
to achieve maximum flavour in the least
amount of time, harvest to bottle time is only
6 to 8 weeks. It is widely considered to be a
‘’friend’s wine’’. It is not intended to ‘’age’’ as
other red wines and is often paired with fruity
and light-hearted food flavours.
Around the world, the BEAUJOLAIS
NOUVEAU, transcends cultures and is
enjoyed for occasions ranging from Thanks
Giving in America to celebrations of wealth,
luxury and abundance in East Asia.
Each year, on the third Thursday of the month
of November, Beaujolais Nouveau
celebrations take place in all regions of France
and we are delighted to bring you our unique
version of this occasion around the theme of
‘’ART & FLAVOURS’’ here in Zambia.


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